Select your Membership according to your Needs

Exclusive High-Quality graphic,
design and web Assets

Do you publish new assets regularly?

We releases new assets every week from Monday to Friday. We take the time to craft only high quality detailed oriented premium and free resources to offer exclusive assets for your project.

What kind of membership duration are you offering with the premium plans?

We offer a monthly pay as you go plan or a discounted monthly pricing with a one year commitment payment called the yearly plan.

What are the download limits with the Free or Regular plan, and Why?

Free account have a daily limit of 5 free downloads. Monthly regular plan have a limit of 50 premium downloads per month. Yearly regular plan have a limit of 600 premium downloads. Those limits are needed in terms of managing our data transfer bandwidth cost vs the plan pricing. Pro and Customer do not have download limit as the server costs are included in the price.

What is the difference between single, multiple and unlimited user limit between plans?

The Free and Regular plan only allow the use of our services with a single user. That means that only one user can download and use the different assets. Our Pro plan allows the use of the assets and login access for up to 5 users, ideal for small agency size business that have the need for our service.
We offer a custom enterprise plan with no user limit on request.

Can I find your assets somewhere else?

We take great pride in having released only exclusive high quality assets for our users. This means that each assets, created with great attention to detail, can only be found here as they are created by our own talented team.

How can I get a sales receipt, VAT free invoice, W-9 Form?

With a premium account, you can access your panel to update your billing information with your full name, VAT number, company name, address... and have your sales receipt as a download for your accounting filing. For W-9 Form, you just have to contact us directly.

How long to get access to the resources after subscribing?

Once you registered you have instant access to all our assets. You will be logged in automatically and be able to browse and download any files.

Can I upgrade my plan after my registration?

You can upgrade your plan to another plan at anytime if you wish so. Simply click on the upgrade button in your account area and pick your new plan. You can go from a free account to a premium account or from a monthly premium plan to a yearly premium plan, or Regular to Pro without having to create another account.

What if I change my mind, can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time from your account area. We want you to be happy with or without us, although we’ll be sad to see you leave.