Premium & Free Media Icons Sets

Our premium and free media icons are ideal to illustrate any web project. We created custom and unique web media icon set for all popular ui icons such as email icons, media playback icons, upload icons, download icons, file icons, delete icons, setting icons, security icons and more...

The Icons Set :: Media
23 Apr, 2015 Premium 5 384
This is the media icon set of our series The Icons Set. We created 148 generic media icons with photography, video,…
The Icons Set :: Archives
15 Apr, 2015 Premium 1 340
This is the archives icon set of our series The Icons Set. We created 148 generic archives icons with files, folder…
The Icons Set :: Communication
11 Mar, 2015 Premium 7 910
This is the communication icon set of our series The Icons Set. We created 120 new generic communication icons with mail,…
The Icons Set :: Edition
08 Jan, 2015 Premium 9 1,299
This is the new edition themed pack of our series The Icons Set. This new set has 90 generic interface icons…
The Icons Set Interface
10 Nov, 2014 Premium 9 1,752
The Icons Set is our new series of versatile icons to be released in thematic packs. The Interface Icons Set is…
Media Icon Set Vol12
31 Oct, 2014 Premium 5 1,595
This is for now the last volume of our media icon set series with 30 original new icons to use in…
Media Icon Set Vol11
16 Oct, 2014 Premium 9 1,585
And volume 11 of media icon set with 30 new icons to complement your collection and help you in your projects.
Media Icon Set Vol10
03 Oct, 2014 Premium 5 1,661
We are now at volume 10 with our series media icon with a new set of 30 icons that will complement…
Media Icon Set Vol9
25 Sep, 2014 Premium 12 1,618
Volume 9 of our media icon set with 30 new icons with a distinctive feel and design. They will help you…

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